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This software is under development since 1996 and has been used for easy web based terminal access in a number of network appliances. Other uses include library and old mainframe and computer access at libraries.

The library implements three different functionalities:

  • A telnet client for access to remote computers in an unencrypted way. Sometimes also used for accessing control ports.
  • An ssh client, version 1.5 for encrypted access to remote computers.
  • A very fast and clean VT100/ANSI terminal to display the remote computers text based screen.
The whole project is glued together by a flexible plugin system. There is gradual development going on, but there is not much news to be propagated about the project. If you have questions, contact the developers.

Check out the download and the documentation page for further information.

Thursday, 10. November 2005

Documentation Updated

The documentation has been updated and imported from the old web site. We would like to apologize for the delay in bringing all the information back, but as this is a spare time project it unfortunately has much lower priority than other work.

If you would like to help improve the documentation on this wiki, please don't hesitate to contact Matthias for an account. The next step will be a new bug tracking system. PermaLink

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Tuesday, 27. September 2005

New JTA Website

Welcome to our new Website. The old contents is in the works. Meanwhile download the sources and binary here: PermaLink
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