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The following example configuration file shows the usage of more than one plugin with the same name as well as detaching the applet from a button on the web page. To see more configuration options see default.conf.

# First we define the plugins we want to use. Order is important here:
# the plugins are loaded according to their order. If you want to include
# a plugin twice you must give it an id to distinguish the configuration
# options later. Here two button bars are added and been giben the unique
# id '1' and '2' respectively. You may use any identifier you like, so it
# could be 'one' or 'two' as well. The id must be enclosed in braces after
# the name of the plugin.
plugins         =       Status,Socket,Telnet,ButtonBar(1),ButtonBar(2),Terminal

# For each visible plugin we have to tell the jta where to place that # component. That is done using the 'layout.pluginName' property. Possible # directions are 'North', 'South', 'East', 'West' and 'Center'. Keep in # mind that you can only display one plugin per direction. So at there are # only 5 visible plugins possible at one time. layout.Status = South layout.Terminal = Center layout.ButtonBar(1) = North layout.ButtonBar(2) = East

# To detach the applet immediately after load uncomment the following line. # Any value, regardless of true or false can be used, existence of this # property is enough. Applet.detach = true Applet.detach.startText = Press to Start! Applet.detach.stopText = Press to Stop! Applet.detach.immediately = false

# connection target configuration Socket.host = mg.mud.de Socket.port = 23

# Terminal configuration Terminal.foreground = #000000 Terminal.background = #ffffff #Terminal.colorSet = /de/mud/terminal/colorSet.conf Terminal.keyCodes = /de/mud/terminal/keyCodes.conf Terminal.id = vt100 Terminal.resize = font Terminal.ping = >>http://www.mud.de/~leo/BOUNCE.WAV

# ButtonBar setup ButtonBar(1).setup = >>http://www.mud.de/se/jta/html/b1.conf ButtonBar(2).setup = >>http://www.mud.de/se/jta/html/b2.conf

# ======================================================================= # An example script setup # ======================================================================= Script.script = login:|leo|Password|??????|leo@|ls

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