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>>javatelnet.org >>javassh.org

This site is dedicated to the development and distribution of the The Telnet/SSH/Terminal for Java(tm) Application. The content is Copyright Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meissner.


If you would like to send us a keep-going sign you are free to send us a post card to the address below (technical administration) or take a look at our wishlist on >>amazon:

The logo image is Copyright Constanze Jugel, the sister of Matthias L. Jugel. She gave it to her brother in the hope that he's reminded of the time he sits in front of his computer and maybe dedicates some more time to his wife.

Email: >>info -at- javatelnet.org

The sole use of the contact information is for requests and emergencies. Unsolicited mail or email that does not fall in those categories is considered illegal.

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