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SSH Application

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There are two ways to operate the program. One is to simply start it and to configure everything within the application or to give arguments, like host and port, on the command line. The first way may be the least complicated as the menu entries are self descriptive. You need to have installed a java runtime environment (JRE) or java development kit (SDK) to run the application.

We suggest you use the Java WebStart Version. It makes it easier for you to keep the software up-to-date!


Make sure you have installed a Java Runtime Environment which you can download from >>Sun's Java Website

Download the jta26.jar file from our page and try the following:

java -jar jta26.jar hostname
java -cp jta26.jar de.mud.jta.Main hostname

Replace hostname with the computer you want to connect to. Now you should see the following output:

** JTA - Telnet/SSH for the JAVA(tm) platform
** Version 2.6 for Java 2+
** Copyright (c) 1996-2005 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meissner
** Build: 20051007-1132
jta: loading plugin 'Status'
jta: loading plugin 'Socket'
jta: loading plugin 'Telnet'
jta: loading plugin 'Terminal'

Some other messages might appear, but unless you see an Exception a window should appear on your screen and prompt you for login into your host. If you are running on windows you will probably see an error message and should append the target host you want to connect to to the command line above.

Command Line Options

The application understand several command line arguments to configure the way it looks and where to initially connect to. The following command line arguments are possible:

java -jar jta26.jar [-plugins pluginlist]
                [-addplugin plugin]
                [-config file]
                [host [port]]
(Options enclosed in brackets are optional and may be left out.) 
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